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Zero Waste Festival

Zero Waste Festival

Ciència / Festival Barcelona since Thursday, October 26, 2023 up to Friday, October 27, 2023

The Zero Waste Festival is an inspiring event to think, reflect, debate and achieve a plausible future that generates a footprint for the future without waste.

Event information

The Zero Waste Festival will be held in Barcelona on October 26 and 27. We will meet by:

Build innovative solutions, accelerate changes towards a Zero Waste Society, and work for the well-being and well-being of the society of the future.

The meeting, dynamic and experiential, will welcome experts, leaders, inspiring voices, who are currently driving ecosocial transformation in the scientific, social, economic, business, institutional and political fields.

Do not miss! It will be a unique opportunity to connect and create alliances with governments, companies, entities, and citizens involved.

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Entrada al Festival Residu Zero

since Thursday 26/10/23, 9:30 h up to Friday 27/10/23, 20:00 h
Palo Alto, Barcelona
since 15 €

With this ticket you will have the doors open to the knowledge and networking of the Festival Residu Zero.

If you want to attend the conferences, it will be mandatory, due to capacity issues, that you choose the conferences you want to attend. All conferences are by reservation. You can make this reservation through an email that we will send at the end of July or at the beginning of September.

In any case, with the ticket you can access the Lab Space at any time of the day, enjoy the Rezero Awards and the concert in the Green Space and participate, if it is open, in the activities for different sectors.

Zero Waste Festival Entrada al Festival Residu Zero 15 €
From Thursday
26/10/23, 9:30
until Friday
27/10/23, 20:00
Zero Waste Festival  - Entrada al Festival Residu Zero
Ticket nº 1165
Palo Alto: Calle de los Pellaires, 30 , Barcelona
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Palo Alto
Calle de los Pellaires, 30 ,
Barcelona, Barcelona
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Organizer information

Organized by Rezero (Fundació Privada per a la Prevenció de Residus i el Consum Responsabe, NIF G64007404)